New Ideas for the Development of Ultraviolet Aging Test Chamber

With the economic development and social progress, the user's demand pattern for the ultraviolet aging test chamber has also changed a lot. Taking the environmental protection industry as an example, manual sampling and experimental analysis are developing in the direction of automation, intelligence and network monitoring. Vigorously develop equipment automation and improve the overall level of the equipment manufacturing industry.

The domestic instrumentation industry has always been used in traditional service markets, such as metallurgy, thermal power and other industries. As market demands change, more and more new industries are emerging, and new technologies such as the Internet of Things and smart grids are developing rapidly. The state has put forward stricter requirements for the comprehensive utilization of energy and environmental protection. This also provides a broad market development space and new development direction for China's instrumentation industry.

Instrumentation is the key to improving the level of equipment manufacturing. Domestic instrumentation companies should develop equipment automation in the direction of automotive equipment, new energy equipment, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, etc. The characteristics of high technology, high input, high output, low energy consumption and low pollution in the instrumentation industry will drive the rise in the demand for instrumentation under the development of a low-carbon economy and emerging industries.

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