Open kitchen feng shui 12 major decoration taboo must be seen

The open kitchen feng shui, the kitchen that must be in and out every day, is especially important for every family, so you must also understand the feng shui taboo in the kitchen. The kitchen is enclosed and open, and the design of the open space is more critical. Open kitchen feng shui, can not be ignored 12 major decoration feng shui taboo, must pay attention to before the decoration, so as not to affect the health of family members, damage the family's wealth. You may not think that an incorrect orientation design or an incorrect decoration may be related to feng shui.

Open kitchen feng shui

Kitchen should not suspend tools

All kinds of kitchen knives or fruit knives in the kitchen should not be hung on the wall, or inserted in the knife holder. They should be placed in the drawer; the garlic, onions and peppers should not be hanged in the kitchen, because these things will absorb the yin.

Open kitchen feng shui

Kitchen should not hang mirror

One of the taboos in the kitchen hanging mirror is that the mirror can't shine on the fire. If the mirror is hung on the wall behind the stove, the food in the pot will be more harmful. This is called "the sky door fire", which will cause the house to suffer fire or misfortune.

Open kitchen feng shui

The door should not go straight to the kitchen

In the ancient book "Yangzhai San Yao", there is a cloud: "Open the door to see the stove, the money is more and more expensive." It means that the stove is on a straight line to the main entrance and there is a penalty. If this is the case, then the family’s fortune will be unsatisfactory, and it will be horrible to break the money. Mainly pay attention to gastrointestinal diseases. To take a step back, even if the kitchen door is in line with the stove, it is not good.

Open kitchen feng shui

The refrigerator rice cylinder should not be empty.

The refrigerator should not be empty, and the rice cylinder should be filled at any time, because these two items are closely related to food and clothing. Complementing these two items symbolizes that the home is innocent.

Open kitchen feng shui

The mouth of the furnace should not be used to the toilet

As mentioned above, the crater of the stove is to be sent to the Kyrgyz side. Simply put, the stove is to absorb the enthusiasm and good luck. If you absorb the unclean things, you don’t need to say that everyone will understand the consequences, for a while. Breaking the money, the second will increase the pain.

Open kitchen feng shui

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