Piramal Glass Bottles Expands Plant in India, Ambitious

As the only exporter of special glass bottles in Asia and the third largest in the world, Piramal Glass is currently spotting one-tenth of the market share of global C&P specialty glass bottles. At present, the global sales of cosmetic bottles and perfume bottles total up to 2.4 billion U.S. dollars. In order to increase the market share of C&P glass bottles, Piramal is investing heavily in new glass bottle production facilities in India. In the next two years, the company expects a growth rate of 10-12%. At present, the company that mainly produces this kind of product needs to produce about 1,115 tons per day. Special glass bottles include C&P, medical bottles and Other special glass bottles. These factories are located in the markets of Kosamba and Jambusar in India and Sri Lanka.
The company’s products have been exported only to the Middle East, but the company is currently expanding its business to focus on the perfume bottle market in Europe and the United States. For this reason, Piramal acquired a closed manufacturer in the United States last year.
“Our company has been producing nail polish bottles for more than 10 years. Today, about a third of the nail polish bottles are produced at our Kosamba factory. However, at present our company’s focus is shifting to the high-end C&P glass bottle market. Currently we have a market share of 5% of the market. Our goal is to have a 10% market share in the next few years, said Vijay Shah, director of operations at Piramal Glass.

Talking about the future C&P glass bottle market, Shah said: “At present, 43% of the company’s turnover comes from C&P products, 31% from pharmaceutical glass bottles, and 26% from other special glass bottles. However, within the next two years, it will come from C&P products. The interest will be 50% of the company's total profit."

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