Plastic bottles to face the cold weather challenge

Recently, many glass bottle buyers found that the glass bottles received had a very high breakage rate. On this issue, we have analyzed the previous article. It can be said that the recent cold weather has been to the north and south, and extremely cold weather has appeared in many parts of the country. In this cold weather, plastic bottle packaging also began to be tested and challenged.

In cold weather, plastic bottles can become brittle and break easily in the event of a collision. In particular, some outdoor plastic bottle packaging products, such as oil bottles, carafes, etc., will cause consumers a lot of trouble if they break. In addition, at home, some families in the north found that when shampoos and shower gels were used, shampoos and shower gels in plastic bottles were frozen and could not be squeezed out. This has put new demands on plastic bottle manufacturers. How to make packaging resist cold weather. Adding certain additives in plastic bottles is a more feasible approach. Through the additives to enhance the toughness of plastic bottles, it is not easy to become brittle in cold weather. On the other hand, improving the thermal insulation of plastic bottles will enable plastic bottle packaging products to maintain their normal use. This is an urgent issue to be solved.

In general, plastic bottles are an inseparable part of our lives. It needs a stronger ability to adapt to the environment than we can to serve us well.

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