Pneumatic Diamond Chain Saw for Stone Cutting

Model NO.: p type
Trademark: BF
Transport Package: Wooden Box
Specification: 7.5kw
Origin: China
 Hydraulic diamond chain saws
It is powered with hydraulic oil, chain saw with a diamond tip is to cut the vector can be used in a variety of engineering and mine rock hardness ≤12MPa variety of soft and hard rock cutting, cutting coal seam, rock, concrete, reinforced concrete ideal tool for pipes, brick, stone, and other stone. Because of its ease of operation and superior lateral cutting ability, but also extended to the widely used on the fire emergency rescue, municipal rebuilt, the building shifted, decoration, roads and bridges. It is long and narrow powerful cutting arm, can easily be completed in a variety of materials shallow holes auxiliary excavation and emergency situations opening windows, and tunnel construction in partial cut a variety of materials and shapes cut.
1.Easy to use: The machine uses single portable operation, the tire structure, easy to move, and with built-in hydraulic line, compact dimensions, light weight (Main machine is only 11kg)
2.Operating a wide range: rocky material cutting / SEAM / emergency rescue is the ideal tool for cutting coal seam, rock, reinforced concrete pipe. 48 cm transverse cutting capacity quickly in the coal seam, slot door, window, cement pipeline slotted trim. It is long and narrow cutting arm can penetrate up to 500mm blind holes or through holes of a molding job, big is not restricted. The minimum cut square hole: length × width = 120 × 120mm
Main Parameter:
Model Hydraulic chain saw
Engine 7.5KW
Speed 1400r/min
Oil pump 21MP
Displacement 34L/min
Main speed 4000r/min
Oil tank capacity 60L
Working pressure ≤15MP
Working hydraulic oil temperature >60ºC
Chain plate length 60cm
Cutting depth 49cm
Package size 60×30×32cm

Pneumatic Diamond Chain Saw for Stone Cutting
Pneumatic Diamond Chain Saw for Stone Cutting
Pneumatic Diamond Chain Saw for Stone Cutting
Pneumatic Diamond Chain Saw for Stone Cutting


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