Prinect Integrated Workflow

Production of printed products refers to the integration of a large number of different processes from cost accounting to planning, from prepress, printing and postpress processing, shipping of finished products, and issuing invoices. If you want to succeed in today's market, you must effectively manage these processes and completely control the entire workflow. This is why the company that looks to the future is trying to include the entire production chain as much as possible and positions itself as a service provider that provides its customers with complete media.

In this business, the aspect of checking costs is particularly important. Factors that can counteract the work flow and the cost of the printing plant must all be carefully controlled. Frequently, weaknesses occur in the interface between the printing plant's own parts of the workflow and in the connection with users and suppliers. Specifically, order processing, prepress, printing, and postpress processing are still basically performed separately. As a result, communication between processes is not always perfect, and the only unified data base is a live ticket. This means that it takes a lot of time and money to inspect and attach work. This boils down to a very poor performance-to-price ratio.

Print Production Integrated Solutions

This solution not only perfectly links all the steps in the production chain, but also connects these steps to the workflow throughout the entire management process. The reduction of process integration and even the elimination of unnecessary operator input operations greatly increase the cost performance and efficiency.

Automatic printing production with Prinect - Heidelberg introduces a comprehensive workflow management system.

The name "Prinect" is a combination of the words "print" and "connect." It integrates and optimizes the workflow of the pressroom (from management to production, from prepress to postpress). The fine-tuned interaction between various Prinect components improves the efficiency of the production workflow and has a higher process transparency, thus accelerating the entire job process. The main contribution of Prinect is to help the printing companies fully realize their potential, and rationalize and optimize them, thus improving the performance of the printing shop and gaining greater profit margins.

Open modular system

Because each printing factory has its own special requirements, Prinect is not designed according to standard products, but a modular solution. This means that you can add Prinect components at any time to adapt the workflow to your business needs. All Prinect components are based on open standards such as PDF (Portable File Format), PPF (Print Production Mode) and JDF (Job Definition Format) so that they can be easily integrated into your existing proven hardware And software (even if these devices come from third-party vendors).

Prinect Management Solution

Improve the transparency of the solution

From a business management perspective, job preparation currently accounts for a high percentage of costs. These costs need to be controlled. Prinect Management Solutions can help you do this. With this automated cost accounting function, Prinect can not only guarantee more and more rapid and reliable processing of data, but also greatly improve the transparency of job status information. With Prinect Management Solutions, all variables including technology management and business management can be continuously monitored. Prinect connects the business process of the printing shop with the production process. For you, this means that decisions made on production processes, bottlenecks, prices, and costs can be based on real-world data, rather than unreliable assessments and assumptions.

Reliable costing

The following is the operation introduction of Prinect Management Information System: This program requires the input of detailed data related to production, and then guides the user to complete the cost calculation of prepress, printing and postpress operations step by step. It is a quick, simple and error-free solution. With Prinect Prinance Management Information Systems, you can even perform clear cost-accounting monitoring of complex printed products with multiple options, colors, and paper on multiple presses. With the provided printer database, production parameters are automatically calculated based on the definition of the product. The resulting quotes can also be sent to the relevant salespersons using the calendar features of Microsoft Outlook software so that they can handle them correctly. This ensures that the job will not be ignored in the daily busy operation.

Improved preparation of jobs

Production starts from the management point of view, which is the preparation of the job. The Prinect Prinance Management Information System determines all the production steps required for a job, which means that each stage in the process is pre-engineered. This gives an accurate picture of each process, cost center, and key delivery deadlines for the order. The data related to the job is included in the electronic job ticket and sent to the Prinect Data Control production planning and control system. In addition, these components are pre-configured in the production workflow, such as Prepress Impression Workstations and Prinect India Easy Systems, Prinect CP2000 Control Centers and Postpress Processes in the press room. Prinect FCS100. The overall effect eliminates the error-prone, time-consuming repetitive input of operations such as job number and customer name data. Moreover, these data are consistent throughout the business process or production process. On the whole, the risk of inaccurate instructions must be implemented to perform high-cost post-press processing.

Order processing transparency

So you can accurately monitor the current status of quotes, orders, invoices, etc. at any time during the job preparation process. This means that you can ensure full transparency in real time. This integrated productivity planning feature also allows you to immediately know if a job can be processed according to the schedule and let you respond accordingly.

Production Planning and Control

All information relating to the printed job and its planned status is automatically transmitted to Prutter Data Control via a networked workstation in real time. This can give an accurate picture at any time during the job, indicating how long it will take to complete the job. Increasing transparency also means that production capacity can be recognized at an early stage and can fully utilize existing potential. And can provide a variety of reports, accurately record the precise performance and event data for each print shift, and clearly monitor the production process.

Precise post-press costing

Prinect Management Solution also enables effective cost control. Each job is evaluated and the results are presented in a clear, simple format. Give you reliable numbers and keep you informed of your job's profitability. The operation data can be input manually by inputting the data of the job every day, and can also be input automatically by the components having the connection interface. Prinect Prinance Management Information Systems can provide accurate and reliable information, such as comparison of target and actual performance, production group analysis or cost center productivity analysis.

Prinect production solutions

Improve efficiency at job output

An effective printing production system must aim to achieve maximum production speed at the highest possible quality level and respond quickly to user needs. Prinect's production solutions tightly integrate all process steps into your production operations, increasing overall job output and significantly increasing productivity. Prinect is also the first system that can prepare output data for any form of media (proofing machine, plate, or digital press) in the prepress stage. This refers to maximum flexibility and minimum response time, plus the great freedom of choosing the ideal production equipment for each job. With Prinect, you can usually optimize the cost structure to achieve the best results.

Combine print customers into production processes

Prinect India's Easy Access System is the first fully prepress workflow based on JDF, including the "Remote Access" option, which allows customers and printers to approve proofing on the Internet. Directly combine customers into production processes. From a long-term perspective, this is a process optimization process that saves time and money.

Improve data access

Prinect India's Easy Access System also integrates the "Content Management" module, which is an archive asset management system. It can access all production-related data. This module is the world's first content management system that is fully integrated into the production process. It ensures high production reliability and greatly reduces the time it takes to access data because you no longer need to use an external system.

A prepress workflow, multiple output options

The fully automated prepress workflow minimizes manual input, simplifies and speeds up all prepress tasks so that jobs can now be planned more efficiently from start to finish, and job production processes can be A centralized management. Available output media include film laser imagesetters, plateetters, and the Speedmaster QM 46 DI and Speedmaster SM 74 DI direct imaging printers. It can also be output on Digimaster and NexPress digital presses. In this way, once the data is ready, the most suitable device can be selected from a wide range of different media for flexible output.

Reuse of data

The data generated in the prepress stage can be reused in the next process step. The Prinect Prepress Interface is an important interface in the system and closely links the prepress, printing and postpress stages. The color profile is automatically generated based on digital data and then used to pre-set the ink supply on the printer in the Prinect CP2000 Control Center. This improves the reliability of the process and reduces the preparation time and scrap. At the same time, the generated print preview proofs can better identify the job at the Prinect CP2000 Control Center. The Prinect Prepress Interface communicates color reference values ​​from the digital prepress stage so that they can be used in Prinect Image Control for purposes of calculating reference prints. In this way, the actual and target values ​​can be compared more quickly and accurately. Automatic online color adjustment, stable color adjustment by using repeated order data from the color measurement system, and the desired printing results can be achieved as quickly and as cheaply as possible from the beginning, thereby increasing productivity and reducing Waste products.

The data on the Prinect imposition workstation can also be sent to the press to place Prinect’s automatic register marks, which convey the data (such as folding marks and cutting marks) required for the post-press processing, for adjustment of the Cutter, folding Pager and saddle stitcher settings. This possibility of using data throughout the production workflow reduces output time and print preparation time, thereby increasing productivity and reducing material loss.

Multi-faceted integration

Prinect's production solutions do not only connect the prepress stage to the printing press; they also allow the press shop to access the data of the prepress process for the first time. This means that printers operating the press can now produce plates. This is to make a piece

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