Prospect analysis of high-speed inkjet printing technology in China

High-speed inkjet printing technology is in a rapid development stage in the world, it is a brand new high point of printing technology, representing the development direction of international mainstream printing technology, it will promote the development of digital printing to advanced stage. 2011 was a year of rapid development of high-speed inkjet printing technology, and also a year of high-speed inkjet printing application market harvest. The European and American markets are becoming more mature, and can be described as fully blossoming in the Asia-Pacific market. Taking Kodak, a pioneer of high-speed inkjet printing as an example, the momentum of accelerated development has been highlighted in the Asia-Pacific market. The Kodak Prosper 1000 black and white inkjet printer installed in the Australian SOS Print Media Group in early 2011 has now exceeded 40 million pages per month. Kodak customers in South Korea have been fully operational in May and June. Japan Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. purchased three Kodak Prosper 5000XL color inkjet printers to fully develop education book publishing business and expand into new markets.

The Indian market is already signed and will be installed soon. The domestic market has also made substantial progress. In the second half of 2011, the first domestic Prosper 1000 black and white inkjet printer settled in Phoenix Media Group. After several months of equipment support, testing, and production, the production chain has been perfected and has been officially put into production. Nissan 3500 books. Phoenix Media Group's second Prosper 1000 is about to operate in the Beijing branch.

The toner digital printing market in 2011 was also a year of harvest. The digital printing of various brands has shown continued growth. The development of Kodak NexPress series digital printing machines in the domestic market has also made breakthroughs. In the commercial printing field alone, there are 6 Taiwan installed machines, in addition to several layouts in the field of image printing, the commercial and image printing market is the target market of Kodak NexPress series, has now entered the development track.

Although the high-speed inkjet printing application market has been developing rapidly in 2011, from the perspective of monochrome and color high-speed inkjet printers operating globally, most of them are used in the field of bill printing, especially high-speed inkjet The printing engine has a good performance in this field; the number of direct mail and book printing markets is relatively small. It is estimated that only about 30 book magazines and a few direct mail printing plants in the world have inkjet printers installed; Newspaper and magazine printing are rarely used, and there are still few success stories. The high-speed inkjet printing application market is still in the initial stage of development and needs further stimulation and breakthrough. At present, China's high-speed inkjet printing market lags far behind developed countries in Europe and America, but compared with traditional printing technology, the development of this technical field in China has accelerated in recent years. With its personalized and variable data printing capabilities, it has demonstrated its advantages in the fields of bills and direct mail. For the high-growth inkjet printing market, the publishing field has also made its mark.

Phoenix Media Group applied the Kodak Prosper 1000 black and white inkjet printer for the successful application of on-demand publishing. It showed to the industry in a leading position that high-speed inkjet printing technology can also shine in the field of publishing and printing for printers and publishers. Bringing a new experience of on-demand publishing and printing can even solve the problem of book inventory that has plagued publishing companies for many years, making zero inventory possible. And some high-end high-speed inkjet printing technologies on the market can even bring about offset-level printing effects while maintaining low costs, and completely change the industrial chain structure of the printing industry.

However, high-speed inkjet printing technology also shows some problems in the process of promotion and practice in the publishing field. First of all, it is necessary to convert book printing to inkjet printing, which requires book publishers to have a process of thinking change. Although some publishers also recognize that it is very economical to reprint books with short-version monochrome digital printing, few publishers consider printing the first edition of books by inkjet printing. The domestic publishing house system and copyright management policies are also the bottlenecks that constrain the development of on-demand publishing. Secondly, we should also soberly realize that China's high-speed inkjet printing market is not yet sound. Still facing the development problems of high cost, low efficiency, poor quality, imperfect related technologies, lack of effective supervision, and excessive reliance on multinational companies in technology development, and insufficient innovation capabilities of local companies. Although inkjet printing technology is mature, the application of inkjet printing to on-demand printing is a systematic project that requires multiple cooperation to achieve. Assembly, wiring, coordination, testing, running-in, and trial operation do not show inkjet printing technology Its own problem is that the scale of supporting production cannot come, and it can't keep up with many post-processing equipment, cooperation with software processes, and suitable paper.

The successful application of Phoenix Media Group's on-demand publishing has played a pioneering role in the development of the industry. In addition to the country's policy guidance for media groups and publishing houses, media group publishing companies have to pay for their own profits and losses. There is a lot of room for digital printing to publish on demand. The lack of economic momentum in the past is no longer a resistance. Inkjet printing on-demand book printing will leap into the most potential market.

Inkjet printing is the future of the printing industry. Not only does it have huge potential for development in the field of book publishing, newspaper printing has become another application area that is expected to play an important role in high-speed continuous paper inkjet printing. Inkjet printing will reshape newspaper advertising due to the application of personalized advertising. Another thing that may affect the future of inkjet printing will be the development of combined printing solutions. Combining offset printing and inkjet, installing high-speed inkjet printheads on offset presses or on post-press processing lines, combining digitally printed data with offset content, and giving full play to multiple advantages, this combination The solution will have innovative performance in the fields of commercial printing and packaging printing.

The future digital printing is not only a digital printing machine, but a comprehensive integration of the industrial chain and value chain structure derived from its application field. Break the technical barriers of software and hardware, and use the Internet public platform to solve the compatibility and consistency of domestic equipment manufacturers. With the rapid development of China's economy, the gradual transformation of the market demand structure, the improvement of local companies' independent innovation capabilities, and the careful cultivation and in-depth exploration of the inkjet printing market, China's high-speed inkjet printing market will surely usher in the near future Spring of development!

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