Protect the sexy lips and instantly enhance the charm

People usually think that if you apply lip balm, you can get enough protection for your lips, but in fact, the care of your lips should be comprehensive. The lips should be done at the following three points to instantly improve your sexy index.

Protect sexy lips, instantly enhance the charm

First, exfoliating makes lips more moisturized and healthier

The lips also produce aging dead skin. Only regular removal of dead skin can ensure that the metabolism is normal and the lips will moisturize. However, when the lips are peeled off, you should pay attention to the movements to be gentle, just do it once a week. In addition, pay attention to the bad habits that affect the skin of the lips, such as licking lips, not removing lip makeup, and so on. This will ensure the richness of the lips.

Second, the lips must also be UV-resistant

When applying sunscreen, it is easy to ignore the lip. Because the lip should use lipstick, it is not correct to use sunscreen, and the lips will be damaged by ultraviolet rays. Therefore, we should use lip balm with sun protection factor. Otherwise, if it is dried in the sun for a long time, the lips may turn black. The correct way is to use the sunscreen lip balm first, then apply lipstick or lip gloss. The protected lips will naturally be beautiful.

Third, the lip membrane is essential for protecting the lips

Just like a mask, the lips can also be treated with a lip mask. The specific method is to apply lip balm on the lips, apply a few layers, let the lip balm cover the lips thickly, and then take out the fresh-keeping Membrane, cut a moderately sized piece, seal the lips, and finally heat it with a hot towel for 30 seconds to 1 minute. After cooling, tear off the plastic wrap. See if the lips that have been cured by the lip membrane are more moisturized. >>> Keep clean every day and every moment


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