Russia invents new method for synthesis of nano-diamond particles

Researchers at the Tomsk University of Technology in Russia used short pulse waves of carbon ions to act on silicon to synthesize nanodiamond particles and carbon particles on the surface of silicon. For the first time in the world, the method of successfully synthesizing nanodiamond particles inside the surface layer of other substances was studied.

The successful research of this method can change some properties of metal products and semiconductors, can make some materials stronger, improve their wear resistance and bond strength with diamond coating. This method has good application prospects in the semiconductor lighting industry and even the entire semiconductor industry, but further experimental data is needed to provide support. Scholars at the university believe that because diamond nanoparticles are produced under high temperature and pressure conditions, carbon ions are always associated. Therefore, this synthesis method can be realized not only by silicon, but also by other substances. As early as three years ago, the university began to engage in carbon ion pulse experiments, and obtained a carbon implant patent in 2012, which was included in the "100 Russian outstanding invention patents" published by the Russian Intellectual Property Office.

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