Sliding door wardrobe selection method

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In the case of limited free space at home, it is suitable to buy a sliding door wardrobe for the home. The sliding door wardrobe takes up much less space than the general wardrobe. So how can I buy a sliding door wardrobe?

Sliding door wardrobe

Door thickness

The wooden board used for sliding doors should have a certain thickness, which can be used to ensure that the doors are firm, stable and durable. If the sheet is too thin, the door will appear weak, frivolous, and easily deformed, resulting in poor stability.

Door and border color

The border and door panel of the brand wardrobe door are from the same manufacturer, and the color lines can be completely consistent. Moreover, there are manufacturers' anti-counterfeiting labels on the door and frame of the brand manufacturers, and some enterprises with smaller production scales may not be able to meet these requirements.

Wardrobe pulley

The pulley at the bottom of the closet looks very inconspicuous, but if it is missing, your wardrobe may not move! So before buying the wardrobe, you should check whether the pulley is smooth, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, so that the pulley can be guaranteed. Safe and reliable.

Cabinet design

You should choose a wardrobe design that takes full advantage of the space. Now there are some wardrobes that can be freely combined when you order. The drawers and movable panels can be freely increased or decreased, the height can be adjusted at will, and the individual cabinets can even be adjusted in length, which can better adapt to different space conditions.


In general, the sliding door wardrobe will have basic accessories such as a rotating clothes hanger, a push-pull mirror, a lattice frame, a pants rack, and a tie lattice. When purchasing a sliding door wardrobe, you should pay attention to whether the manufacturer has sent these accessories. With them, your wardrobe can really play the function of the set!

Material environmental protection

The formaldehyde content of the wardrobe products should reach the E1 standard, and the wardrobes of some brand-name manufacturers often have the problem of excessive formaldehyde, and the excessive formaldehyde will seriously affect people's health. Especially in northern China, because of the cold climate, the doors and windows are relatively open, and formaldehyde has a greater impact on human health.

Before purchasing the sliding door wardrobe, you should check the merchant's material testing certificate to see if it holds the relevant national qualified quality inspection center. If not, it means that the product may have the problem of excessive formaldehyde, so it is best not to buy it.

After sales service

Wardrobes are closely related to people's daily lives, and they have a long service life. Therefore, it is very important for manufacturers to have good reputation and excellent after-sales service. In general, the warranty period for wardrobes should not be less than 5 years (minimum 3 years).

Door variety and material color

At present, the materials available for making wardrobe sliding doors on the market include wood, glass and mirrors. Some manufacturers have also introduced some new types of boards, similar to the shell-changing functions of mobile phones. After a period of use, the user can turn the door over and easily have a new sense of life.

Comprehensive inspection

Before buying a wardrobe, be sure to check all parts of the wardrobe carefully. Pay special attention to the parts that are intentionally covered by other materials, such as places that cannot be seen by sight. These areas are likely to have quality problems.

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