Small desktop printer can also be coded

U.S. Optio Healthcare has developed a new technology. Using this technology, users can print electronic tags on their own small desktop printers as needed. Two months ago, several health care organizations have already experimented with this technology. Currently, it has entered the formal use phase. This printed electronic tag can be used to accurately identify laboratory samples and biopsy samples.

Optio Healthcare is a software development company in the United States and its target markets are health care equipment, logistics companies and warehouses. This time, Optio's newly developed technology can help companies print content on computers or other devices to electronic tags, high-temperature tags and bar codes according to their needs.

This technology is designed specifically for companies that do not currently have a suitable RFID system. With this technology, even without a proper RFID system, the company can produce electronic tags that meet the requirements.

Information Source: China Printing and Packaging Network

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