Soy sauce bottle manufacturers need to pay close attention to changes in the downstream market

The soy sauce market has been surging in the past few months. Several famous soy sauce companies have successfully listed and entered the capital market. This market pattern will inevitably undergo new changes. The listing of soy sauce companies such as Gaga, Haitian, and Zhujiang Bridge has begun to exert force on the market layout, which has had a great impact on small and medium-sized soy sauce enterprises.

Soy sauce has always been the main packaging of glass bottles, glass soy sauce bottle is a preferred form of packaging for many traditional soy sauce companies or family workshops, most of these sauce oil companies have been operating in the local for many years, the appearance of glass soy sauce bottles have been accepted by consumers , is already part of the product name. Therefore, the orders for these glass soy sauce bottles have always been relatively stable for glass bottle suppliers. Plastic soy sauce bottles are the first choice for PET soy sauce bottle manufacturers that are more convenient for transportation and are suitable for long-distance transportation, and the market share is rapidly increasing. With large-scale soy sauce companies gaining capital support, tentacles have continued to expand into small and medium-sized cities and rural markets. It is believed that some traditional soy sauce companies will shuffle their cards in the current market changes. This will cause glass sauce bottle companies to suffer from the loss of orders in the current market. While PET sauce bottles have grown rapidly, the basic dominance is in the hands of large soy sauce companies. This phenomenon is not good for soy sauce bottle companies.

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