Steel wood door grade distinction

Never deform, green, easy to use, smooth lines, clear texture, strong stereoscopic effect, anti-smashing, anti-cracking, sound insulation, strong anti-theft, etc.

MDF molded door: MDF is double-sided molded, the door core is hollow, and the style is single, which is medium and low.

Blockboard double-package door: door core pine frame, fine wood door panel and two breads, single style, flat door. Medium and low.

All solid wood 榫 structure door: there are pine, hemlock, elm, ash and other materials, the structure is the door frame 榫 connection, inlaid door core board. Due to the solid wood, there are certain defects in the use in the north, mainly due to the deformation of the door body, the cracking of the joint at the joint, and the shrinkage of the door core plate. Medium to high grade.

Afraid of the strong impact of the hard object, the color of the door cover and the door leaf has a little color difference.

When purchasing steel doors, most of them pay more attention to the workmanship, style and material of steel doors, and often ignore the sound insulation function of the doors. In fact, the sound insulation function of the door is an important indicator to measure the quality of the door.

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