Stick the materials to be prepared with double eyelid stickers

Love beauty is like sticking double eyelids, but if you don't have skilled makeup skills, then you should not stick, because a little carelessness will hurt your eyes. But if you are familiar with the makeup techniques of double eyelids, then it is no problem.

Stick the materials to be prepared with double eyelid stickers

Stick the materials to be prepared with double eyelid stickers

Stick double eyelid stickers preparation materials:

1. Flat mouth clip: that is, the metal pull eye clip, the drug store has sold, it is recommended to use the flat mouth clip flat mouth clip than the tip mouth clip, because there is no angle problem during operation, it is safer, it is not easy to clip the eyelid.

2. Small scissors: It is a professional small scissors. It is more suitable for cutting double eyelid stickers than ordinary scissors, and the edge of the small scissors should be sharp enough to cut out the smooth eyelids that match the eye shape.

3. Beauty tape: It should be breathable, translucent tape, the color is close to the skin color, it is not easy to be exposed after being attached, and the price is cheaper.

Once you have prepared the material, you can post it to the perfect double eyelid effect.

Do you understand the materials for preparing the double eyelids? This is indispensable. As long as there are makeup materials and familiar skills, it is not annoying to stick double eyelid stickers. The so-called preparation in advance is twice the result with half the effort, so you must take care of these materials.

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