Study on the modeling characteristics of bamboo furniture 2

a. rice flower pattern

b. Herringbone pattern

c. Diamond flower

d. Tic Tac Toe

In addition, the rattan in the joint layer can be entangled multiple times at the joint of the skeleton, such as a roll, a bark, an osmanthus roll, a worm flower roll, and various fancy knots along the skeleton, such as a cross knot, a tortoise shell. Knot, osmanthus knot, herringbone knot, bow, enriched the surface layer. The shape of the wrap and knot is not a hole in the wind, but it is more retouched according to the structure needs, and it feels natural and fresh.


Adhesive surface morphology

This is a surface layer that fully applies modern technology to bamboo furniture. Its shape is similar to that of wooden furniture, and it is known for its clear texture and veneer decoration. Nowadays, the more mature surface layer with bamboo-green veneer and bamboo tiling is often used for large-scale bamboo furniture fascia, such as table top. As shown in Figure 2-3 , the table is made of bamboo and green, and divided into nine grids according to the shape of the tabletop. The textures are arranged in a radial arrangement and have a strong decorative effect. This top layer of bamboo furniture gives bamboo furniture a new concept.

3. Decoration caused by structure

There are many decorative techniques for bamboo furniture: carving, drawing, inlaying, engraving, setting, etc., all of which are used in the most frequently used setting. This kind of setting usually shows the inlay decoration in the furniture skeleton to obtain various decorations. Line type and decorative grid. The decorative grate runs through the furniture shape, while the decorative line is mostly used between the furniture frames as part of the furniture structure.


Decorative line type

A variety of rectangular patterns, circular arc patterns, bow-shaped struts, etc. are added between the bamboo frames to serve as both a support and a reinforcement. These decorative lines are dominated by a delicate curve.

Use more

The combination of C ”, “ S ” or its line type should be

However, appropriate, and the frame line type complements each other. In addition,

There are also some linear ones, as shown in the figure (

2-4 ) in the table and chair

a diagonal crossbow (or flowerbed) between the leg frames,

Although it exists in the form of structure, it has been rid of in the Ming Dynasty.

The basic form of straightforward, intended to decorate, making it

Structural features and decorative landscaping.


Decorative lattice

It is a bamboo furniture with strong Chinese local characteristics.

Decoration. The form of the lattice is varied, usually with a 4D grid

Fan-shaped lattice, herringbone lattice, set, even foot, and longevity

Circle, ice plum, etc., see picture (

3-1 ).

Some of these lattices can be used as enclosures, such as books.

The side panel of the frame is "side plate", see picture (

3-2 ); and more

Is used to highlight some of the needs of bamboo furniture,

Strengthened parts for key treatment, such as chair and table

a. Even foot pull b. plaid million words c. Back-shaped grille

Position, chair back surface, etc. As shown

3-3) is on a plaid d. Twill e. Longevity circle f. Ice plum

Back chair, the back of the ice plum bamboo lattice is very freehand, it is the bamboo

g. furnace bridge h. fan-shaped lattice i. herringbone lattice

The visual center of the chair.

The lattice decoration technique in bamboo furniture is inextricably linked with the Chinese classical architectural decoration method. It integrates the styles of the railings, window leakage, hanging and other windows and doors in the Chinese classical garden architecture, and is created by the re-organization of the craftsmen. The round and straight lines of bamboo show a broken and connected, transparent and ethereal charm, which emphasizes the simplicity and elegance of bamboo furniture.

In addition, in the blank space of the skeleton, the bamboo stalks are often used as decoration in the corners of the horizontal and vertical brackets, and the shape is like a tooth, which is similar to the traditional Ming furniture.

However, the decoration of bamboo furniture is not greedy and piled up. It is often set up for reinforcement, and it is reinforced. In short, it is caused by structural needs.

3. Perfect unity of quality, shape and color

Quality refers to texture and texture, shape refers to shape, and color refers to color. In the bamboo furniture, these three modeling languages ​​work together and fuse together to convey an idea. The shape of bamboo furniture has been discussed before. The following is a brief introduction to the color and texture of bamboo furniture.


Texture and texture

The texture of bamboo is straight, delicate and elegant. Whether it is used or used, it has a unique style and gentleness of Jiangnan.


Rod texture

The bamboo segments used in the skeleton of bamboo furniture usually retain the original bamboo appearance, and the surface is smooth and delicate. The light and soft visual effect can be obtained without the need of painting. The bamboo branches of the round are naturally distributed, and there is a kind of vigorous ancient wind. People feel simple and simple. It can be seen that the imitation bamboo legs appearing in some tables and chairs during the Ming and Qing Dynasties are by no means accidental.


Mechanism of use

Different processed shapes of bamboo rafts also produce different texture effects. The felled natural raw bamboo can be processed into flat, round, triangular or other shaped purlins. Among them, the circular, square, triangular or other shape purlins adopt the lifting and arranging weaving method to form a relatively rough and strong concave and convex "main bamboo raft", which is cumbersome. Implicit and gentle, used in the back side of the sofa in bamboo furniture, cabinet panels, etc.; and the flat slats generally use intersecting crosshairs or herringbone patterns, which are interlaced with warp and weft, resulting in a smooth woven surface and a smooth surface. The plane bamboo rafts are clean and brisk, and are used in the surface structure of sitting furniture that is closely related to the human body.


Structural texture

Many bamboo furniture also make full use of the structural shape, and the different materials such as fabric, metal, plastic, glass, solid wood, etc. can be reasonably matched to obtain different textures, thereby enriching the feeling effect.

In addition, bamboo has a cool visual texture, which makes bamboo the best material for bamboo pillows and bamboo loungers.



The ancients praised the color of bamboo. "The body is firm and the color is hidden, and the eyes are covered with smog." "The bamboo is deep and there is no one, and the sound is in the air." The furniture made with bamboo also has the antique. taste. Of course, this is the color given by the bamboo itself, and new colors can be obtained in various ways in the production of bamboo furniture. The following are introduced separately:


Bamboo color

The surface of the bamboo is shaved, and a yellowish yellow bamboo is present. The color of bamboo yellow is the main color of bamboo furniture, which is similar to the wood color, elegant and fresh.

After many bamboo furniture are made, influenced by the natural forces of the outside world and the chemical properties of the bamboo, the bamboo will appear from light yellow to golden, and then from golden to red, so that the bamboo furniture inadvertently goes from clear to deep. Quaint changes.


Bamboo coloring

The furniture made of bamboo paint and paint treatment has a unique color tone, which can increase the artistic sense of the furniture and adapt to the space environment in which it is used. But no matter what color, it is the theme of simplicity and elegance.



The flowering is also a traditional decoration in bamboo furniture. After the flowering, the surface of the bamboo is different from the bamboo itself or the red or black color difference. Some decorative patterns such as characters, flowers and birds, landscapes, calligraphy works, etc. Incorporating into the shape of the furniture, the furniture has a colorful visual effect, while at the same time has a strong pattern beauty.

In summary, the bamboo furniture is simple in shape, mainly in line, the lines are pretty and smooth, and the proportion is moderate and has a fresh and natural beauty. Here, the "Twelve Products" is used to summarize the decorative expressions formed by the bamboo furniture styling features: concise, simple, ancient, round, Wenyi, Yanxiu, Jinting, soft, ethereal, exquisite, elegant and fresh.

Discussion on the development of bamboo furniture

Bamboo furniture is made of natural materials. It is designed with rural flavor and rustic flavor. It combines the traditions of bamboo culture with the exquisite craftsmanship. It is a matter of course. It can be said that the bamboo furniture industry is an emerging sunrise industry. The development of bamboo furniture has great social and economic significance. Whoever takes a step in this respect will occupy the business opportunity. How to develop, I believe that the design will be put in the first place, focusing on the development of bamboo furniture products, give full play to the advantages of its modeling features. The following are some of my immature ideas about the development of the bamboo furniture industry. List them below and discuss them with business: First, we can learn from the development ideas of mahogany furniture in recent years and concentrate on transforming a batch of existing bamboo processing. Equipment and technology, develop a series of "Ming-style" bamboo furniture that combines the carving, branding and embedding process of traditional bamboo furniture; Secondly, we can use bamboo winch wood to develop some other ways that cannot be made of wood alone, or must The new bamboo technology products made with special precious wood use bamboo to drive the creation of new furniture. Thirdly, the new technology is widely used in the production of bamboo furniture, and the new technology is used to drive the development of new styles and promote the development of furniture production. For example, we can use bamboo clad materials and reorganized bamboo as new products on furniture, which not only brings us a new concept of bamboo furniture, but also facilitates the mechanized large-scale production of bamboo furniture; fourth, in modern The combination of bamboo and other materials, such as bamboo and glass, bamboo and steel, bamboo and fabric, is widely used in furniture to promote bamboo furniture from point to point, so that bamboo furniture can enter modern life more quickly.

Due to the rush of time and limited conditions, the article only roughly summarizes the main points of bamboo furniture modeling, and there are some imperfections, please correct me.



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