Talking about Social Responsibility and Corporate Competitiveness

In recent years, with the continuous development of the social economy, the purpose of the company's operations has shifted from a narrow pursuit of profitability to a more profound search for harmonious development. These include the harmony between the enterprise and the society, the harmony between the enterprise and the environment, the harmony between the enterprise and the employees, and the social responsibility in the higher realm.

Under this background, if companies want to survive and develop, it is obviously not sufficient to focus on economic aspects such as cost, quality, and service. It is also necessary to consider issues from a broader perspective of public interest and social development. Emphasizes corporate social responsibility and "citizen" awareness, and pays attention to the social benefits of the company. Only by fulfilling their social responsibilities, shaping and displaying a positive image conducive to social development and benefiting the environment and achieving social trust can companies be favored by the market and thus be more competitive. The company requires all its suppliers to carry out social responsibility certification, which is not only due to the moral pressure of the society, but also the strategic need to consider maintaining the value of its brand so as to achieve longer-term economic goals.

Like companies and people, companies are also individuals in this society. This "person" can be selfish regardless of the interests of others, not polite, but such a "person" is no one in society can afford. Not only do other companies look down, but employees of companies also look down on their own companies, so corporate social responsibility should be undertaken. As one of the social groups, the enterprise is a part of society, and it should be consistent with the moral bottom line of this group identity. Under the economic globalization market environment, the enterprise is the main body of society. The closeness between the enterprise and the society is very high. It is the largest unit that absorbs people. It has a large amount of social resources, so companies must take social responsibility.

In fact, whether it is domestic or foreign, an outstanding company that has a hundred years of history and still shows great vitality, its successful experience, without exception, has one: the social responsibility and business development, as the most important corporate philosophy Both aspects are implemented in every aspect of corporate behavior. Under the premise of safeguarding social interests, it seeks for the development of enterprises, promotes industrial progress, contributes to society, and realizes the long-term social value of the enterprise.

With the rapid development of China's economy, the factories and equipment of many Chinese companies are already world-class, but our management is relatively backward, especially in our human resource management. With the continuous expansion of customers in the Chinese market, the production volume is getting bigger and bigger, the customer's requirements are getting higher and higher, the market pressure and cost pressures of the company are also getting bigger and bigger, and the factors such as the company's evaluation criteria for managers have led us to The management philosophy is often based on the manager's personal understanding of management. Even in some places, the implementation of the labor protection system such as social security for employees by the government is not yet in place, and the management of some enterprises has not been standardized for a long period of time. Enterprise groups have also emphasized these issues on various occasions. However, because there are no specific measures, or that they have not paid attention to these problems on the evaluation mechanism of corporate managers, they have not produced very significant results.

The human resources manager of a private enterprise once said that, since 2005, when the company first accepted the certification of a third-party CSCC company commissioned by a multinational company's customers, they had been strictly provided by the government in accordance with the requirements of the government. Wages, benefits, and labor protection, but due to the influence of many factors such as different understandings of laws and regulations, they have not passed the certification. In addition to the places where companies are really lacking in operations, there are many places where companies and certification companies recognize differences in standards. The company immediately provided feedback to its customers and received the attention of the customer's North American headquarters. In September 2005, it sent the top management of the headquarters' social responsibility auditing department to the company to visit the factory and hear the company. Some views on social responsibility certification. At the time of the customer's farewell, he said, “You are a first-rate company, but you need to make some small adjustments. You fully meet our requirements. We feel relieved that we have such a supplier.”

This reflects in one aspect the current situation of Chinese companies in assuming social responsibility. While the economic strength of Chinese companies continues to increase, they are also constantly strengthening their awareness of responsibility in social responsibility. Chinese entrepreneurs are beginning to understand that doing a good job of products and doing a good job of the market is no longer the only pursuit. Pursuing the harmonious development between the company and the environment and between the company and its employees is the long-term survival of the company. Through more than ten years of cultivation, our company has risen from its initial understanding of social responsibility and its understanding of the social responsibility. It is a process of progressing management concepts. We hope that our company will be able to build a century-old store and have a guide to the pursuit of a harmonious core value. This core value is the basic criteria for the survival and development of the enterprise. It then translates this value into the company’s strategy, organization, system, process, leadership style, and accountability system so that we can have forward-thinking ideas and values ​​and business ethics. Standards translate into actions and achieve effective unity of ideas and behaviors.

Corporate social responsibility is not a slogan, but the actual requirements of international and domestic development for enterprises; social responsibility is not a certification, but the internal needs of the development of enterprises; social responsibility is not a burden, but an important means of building the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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