The furniture industry as a whole is in a loose state and needs to be correctly recognized and positioned.

Embracing is actually a kind of hope, expectation and goal. Adjustment is a concept of adjustment.

I simply share three meanings. First, it is true that our furniture industry is facing more serious problems, but in fact this problem has this and other problems in various countries around the world. What you see in the film is the difficulties of the past. The difficulties in 2012 come down to several points.

First, the impact of European debt on the Chinese economy, from the situation we have grasped, the impact on the scale and extent of the entire scale is still unknown.

The second is the weak market in the US, Japan and Europe.

The third is the emerging market countries. Its inflation is actually not lower than that of China. It is also facing a transformation process. These international markets will have a relatively large correlation with Chinese furniture exports.

Fourth, it is a more serious macro standard. At present, including the EU as a means of realizing trade barriers, this piece hopes that our furniture companies will make some preparations. They may detect something that they call unqualified from the furniture sheet and block it.

Our entire furniture industry is still in a relatively loose environment, and the interaction between the furniture industry and the government, including the ability to participate in the entire economic activity, needs to be improved. Including the planning and exporting on the technical roadmap for the development of the furniture industry, there is currently no clear route. At the same time, the energy that our furniture industry promotes consumption is relatively low.

Just now everyone talked about the issue of hypermarkets. We also pay attention to the development of China's home appliance industry for over 20 years. China's home appliance industry has also experienced our current state of affairs, including Gome and Suning.

In fact, the exploitation of our home appliance manufacturers is not lower than that of our furniture companies. However, the current situation is somewhat improved. What is the main reason for the improvement? In fact, it is the impact of home appliances going to the countryside on the channel of the entire home appliance. The focus of home appliances to the countryside is in the 3, 4 and 5 cities and rural cities. In this region, the large dealers are not very strong. In the case of state support, a large number of enterprises have used national opportunities to establish effective marketing channels. Only in this case can it be possible to deal with the constraints of the big dealers or specialty stores on the industry. Everyone is doing business. You can't expect the store to pay for your money. The only way out is to use your own opportunities and create a variety of opportunities. After I came here yesterday, I also met with the leaders of the Suzhou Business Bureau. I will briefly reveal a little bit of information, that is, resource recycling. The Ministry of Commerce gave Suzhou 37 million start-up funds, and the Suzhou Municipal Government matched four times, adding up to 200 million. Therefore, this government support must be won by the furniture industry.

It comes down to the final development in the future, the management and marketing capabilities of furniture companies, and finally the return to our services, our commitment, our standards, our sales, including our ability to post promotional services, this is all for us A key factor in the overall development of the furniture industry.

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