The most beautiful bedroom in spring is dressed in a Korean pastoral wardrobe.

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Unconsciously, in the past few days, the temperature in most parts of the South is also rising. Would you like to move the beautiful and pleasant scenery outside the window home? The Chinese wardrobe network suggests that the rural style will give the bedroom a sense of spring. It is not practical to really move too much flowers and plants. Starting from the bed, wardrobe , floor and lockers, the rustic furniture will definitely give you the most beautiful spring. dress up.

Rustic wardrobe

All friends furniture garden double bed + bedside table + mattress 1.8 m four-piece set 120605

Reference price: 2599 yuan

This idyllic bed is exquisite. The petal-shaped lines on the bed make the bed look romantic and elegant. In addition, the corners of the furniture are polished and smooth, without sharp edges and corners, no need to worry about accidental bruises and injuries in the elderly and children at home, it is safer.

Garden home furnishing

Korean pastoral wardrobe

Reference price: 2888 yuan

The general door wardrobes are two doors, but this door wardrobe has four doors, the overall design is warm and the storage function is visible. This wardrobe has a glass door with double drawers. The middle door is designed with a hidden handle, which saves the space required for the wardrobe to open and is very practical.

Isolation Gown

Isolation gown

1. Good air permeability: The non-woven fabric is one-way air permeable, highly effective antibacterial, and can quickly evaporate the internal heat.

2. Block small particles: It can block small particles, dust, etc., and avoid physical contact.

3. Effective isolation: It can effectively block the penetration of liquids and bacteria, filter volatile gases, and avoid direct contact.

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