The most disgusting woman makeup in 2010

Do you know what kind of woman makeup a man likes? Below I will introduce you to some of the most annoying makeup of men.

Crimson thick cheeks are like monkey ass

1, anti-inductive elements: blush modification does not change, but do not overdo it! Sometimes not pay attention to the blush will be too heavy, the painted parts are not correct. Red, too large blush will make men immediately think of monkey ass!

2, should do this: natural pink, looks like a good color from the inside. Mature temperament women can choose rosy blush, cute girls choose natural pink.

3, error correction advice: with a large brush can brush out the natural perfect blush. Smile in the mirror, centering on the prominent position of the cheekbone, and brushing the blush from the cheekbone upwards and downwards to make the makeup more vivid and natural.