The role of ion chromatography in water quality monitoring

Ion chromatography is a new liquid chromatography technique. The components in the sample are separated by different distribution between the mobile phase and the stationary phase. After elution, the concentration c of each component is determined by the corresponding detector, which is highly selective, sensitive, rapid and simple. Multiple components can be assayed simultaneously, particularly components that are difficult to measure with other instruments and methods.

Ion chromatography is the main analytical method for ion and ionic compounds in environmental monitoring of water quality, atmosphere and soil. As an important detection instrument for anion detection in water, the use and maintenance of the ion chromatograph have a certain influence on the detection structure.

In the analysis of drinking water quality, ion chromatography can treat thirteen common cations and cations (F-, Cl-, Br-, NO3-, NO2-, SO42-, PO43-, Li, Na, NH4, K, Mg2). In addition to the rapid analysis of Ca2), disinfection by-products that have been included in the mandatory testing of drinking water by the US EPA (the domestic standards are being developed): chlorite, hypochlorite, chlorate, bromate, bromine The compound or the like is accurately quantified. At the same time, it can also analyze cyanide, chromium in different valence states, silicon dioxide, some heavy metals, and organic acids. The residual concentrations of the coagulants Al and Fe commonly used in water treatment can also be accurately determined.

After many years of application, ion chromatography has been gradually accepted by domestic and foreign analytical fields, and has been identified as a standard analytical method or recommended method by some internationally influential institutions. It is a promising analytical method.

In addition, ion chromatography can generally be used to analyze and test routine items within 20 minutes to 25 minutes: fluoride, chloride, nitrate nitrogen, sulfate, and the like. Through the preparation of the standard solution, select the appropriate concentration, prepare a mixed use solution for multiple projects, draw a standard curve, and quantitatively analyze the water quality sample through the standard curve, and the precision and accuracy meet the requirements of the laboratory quality control index. . It can be seen that the detection of water quality by ion chromatography can greatly improve the work efficiency.

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