The solution of five-color printing

Our company once commissioned the outsourcing factory to print a batch of four-sided double-sided printed five-color jobs for us. Because black text needs to be embossed on the silver field, the color sequence arrangement is to print silver ink (front and back) first, Print four-color ink. Because the ink volume of the four-color printing on the back side is relatively small, after printing the silver patterns on the front and back sides, the four-color printing on the back side is performed first, and then the front pattern with a large amount of ink is printed after drying for several hours. However, when printing the front pattern, the black ink embossed on the silver ground sticks to the silver ink (commonly known as stick embossing).

The outsourcing factory adopted various treatment methods, and ultimately failed to solve the problem. Considering the lack of experience in the five-color printing of the outsourcing factory, and the urgent delivery time required by the customer, the printed product does not have enough time to dry, we purchased an imported imprint cylinder adhesive, commonly known as the back gun The cream is handed over to the outsourcing factory for trial. The operator of the printing press of the Waixie plant evenly applied this post paste to the impression cylinder, and the problem of sticking and stamping was solved.

After many trials, it was found that in the case of special paper printing or five-color double-sided printing, which is prone to stick and imprint, the problem can be easily solved by using post-gun paste.

Model JGMY-1200 plate seamless laser holography embossing machine(Hologram Embossing Machine) is processing dedicated machine for laser holography packing. It can emboss laser holography stripe that pre-sculpture on metallic nickel plate to BOPP, PET etc plastic film, and make all kinds of shape laser holography film.

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Seamless Laser Holographic Embossing Machine

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