Three guidelines for night skin care

Night skin care is very important, here are the three guidelines for night skin care, take a look!

Criterion 1: The skin must be cleaned before going to sleep. Try to choose a face soap with less spice. Use the middle finger and index finger to go up and down from the top and gently massage from inside to outside. Oily skin can be used with a face brush for good results. Always wash with water after massage.

Guideline 2: Add a proper amount of vinegar to the warm bath water before going to bed. It will be especially comfortable after bathing. Mix vinegar and glycerin in a ratio of 5:1, often rubbed to make rough skin become tender

Guideline 3: Eat more oranges, preserve orange peel, and dry. When you take a shower before going to bed every day, put it in a gauze bag and soak it in the water in the bathtub. Bathing with orange peel water has a cosmetic effect

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