Unique functions of Yashilin brand temperature shock test chamber

Temperature shock test chamber is used in electronic and electrical components, automation parts, communication components, auto parts, metals, chemical materials, plastics and other industries, defense industry, aerospace, military industry, BGA, PCB substrate, electronic chip IC, semiconductor The physical changes of ceramics and polymer materials, testing the material's repeated resistance to high and low temperatures and the chemical changes or physical damage of the product during thermal expansion and contraction can confirm the quality of the product, from precision IC to heavy machinery All components are used, which is an indispensable test box for product testing in various fields.

The temperature shock test box can independently set the function of three different conditions of high temperature, low temperature and hot and cold shock, and when performing cold and hot shock conditions, you can choose the two-slot type or three-slot type and the function of cold and hot shock , With the function of high and low temperature testing machine. Equipped with fully automatic, high-precision system loops, any machine action, fully PLC lock processing, all adopt PID automatic calculation control, and high temperature control accuracy.

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