Value-added packaging - packaging needs in a new economic environment

In the ever-increasing prices of raw materials, as well as the ever-increasing cost of labor costs and management costs, almost all companies are thinking about increasing product value. Similarly, color box users are no exception. As a result, some end-users require that printing companies provide novel packaging designs that allow their products to stand out on the shelf, and some end-users want the printing companies to use their existing processes to implement their conceptual designs and challenges.

Then, in the increasingly fierce competition in the printing market, what kind of printing companies do end-user companies need, and how to achieve the purpose of value-added products? In this issue of the whispering gallery, we have deliberately selected some end users to discuss “value-added packaging: packaging needs in a new economic environment”, not only to enable all end-users to realize value-added services for their products. At the same time, it is also intended to enable printing companies to further identify their own market goals in the current fierce market competition, and keep close to customer needs.

Here, we also sincerely thank the following guests for their active participation!

Beauty Cosmetic Box Packaging Development Innovation

Ya Qian Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Mr. Yu Yongliang

Nowadays, the competition in labor prices is becoming increasingly fierce, so we Yaqiang has been seeking breakthroughs in the packaging of cosmetic cosmetics boxes. For example, carton packaging design and other aspects, in order to promote our products to ensure its differentiation and prominence, to achieve product value-added purposes.

In terms of carton design, on the one hand, we have our own design team. On the other hand, we require our packaging suppliers to be able to design some boxes that are different from the traditional ones and that can have some features, such as injection molding plastic end caps, completed The carton can be made to look more like a cylinder than a cube. This type of packaging has been partially used in our company's products.

Second, in terms of the use of materials, cosmetic packaging materials have more special requirements because they attract more customers. The selection of textured materials is also very popular in the packaging design of cosmetics, and our company is no exception. We use a combination of textured materials to create a matt effect on the outer package. Now, many cosmetic manufacturers and packaging designers are looking for materials with a different type of texture, such as a cardboard with a crushed grain effect or a suede feel. At the same time, texture texture can also be produced by using a coating. This requires our suppliers to be able to make breakthroughs in materials and process design. All in all, in today's society, only by being eclectic, can we get the favor of consumers, and the value-added purpose of products can be realized.

Combination of multiple printing methods

Kao Chemicals Co., Ltd. Ms. Luo Xiaoxin

As a well-known foreign-invested cosmetics company, it is equally important in the product itself and the packaging to compete with the same excellent cosmetics company. Therefore, in terms of carton packaging, we have high demands on suppliers, especially in packaging design. At present, many consumers want to be able to see the contents through the outer packaging. Our company achieves this goal through a combination of packaging - a plastic window embedded in a cardboard structure. In addition, I think that there will be a very effective combination of cardboard and plastic in the future, and our suppliers must also consider these obvious developments and changes.

In the aspect of consumables, for example, some special materials such as inks and coatings, and some special products including metals other than paper, on the one hand, can reduce costs, and on the other, it has played a positive role in the appreciation of our products. . At present, many of the company's products appear to have a dazzling effect on the outside, which has a positive effect on attracting consumers. In the market, there will be more decorative dazzling cartons.

In addition, in terms of printing methods, our suppliers chose a combination of single-concave, offset, screen printing, embossing, and flexographic printing to achieve a breakthrough in printing methods, while making the appearance of the product. Has a more vivid color and effect.

One-stop solution

Fujian Great Wall Children Food Co., Ltd.

Our company is a company specializing in the production of children's food. For foods, it may first need to be managed as a brand. Consumers always rely on brand products. Secondly, winning people in packaging is also very important. How can we first seize the eyes of consumers and allow them to have a certain appetite for such a food has always been our study.

Of course, food has its own particularities. We also attach great importance to food safety. Therefore, we have strict requirements on the selection of materials for packaging, printing methods, and the selection of consumables in the printing process, and we will conduct strict inspections. . At the same time, due to the special objects of consumption, children's special interests for novelty, so in the packaging color, packaging and printing methods, the appearance of the box, for example, the printing pattern of the outer packaging of the product, we have chosen some cartoon images with deep roots. It cooperates, owns its portrait rights, and prints it into our designs. In this way, we have achieved the goal of value-added products.

This part is also very important for our suppliers. We hope that our suppliers will give us more good suggestions on product value increase. We hope they can provide a one-stop service similar to the solution. From design to production to packaging sales.

Application and Innovation of Special Materials and New Materials

Logitech (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Mr. Dai

The IT industry is not like the cosmetics and food industries. It may have to give people a beautiful feeling in outer packaging, but this does not mean that we do not pay attention to packaging. In fact, we continue to make breakthroughs in the value of the product itself. On the other hand, in terms of packaging, we are also seeking higher added value. Therefore, we have always hoped that our suppliers can provide us with higher value-added packaging materials, including the use of different levels and levels of cardboard.

We ourselves have a design team. The design team will often consult with our suppliers to negotiate and communicate with us in the selection of packaging materials and packaging design. In general, for different types of products, we will choose different materials, depending on the level of the product, the level of packaging paper will also be different.

In the box packaging, the application and innovation of special materials and new materials is a trend, such as the development of cigarette packs from paper soft packs, cardboard hard packs, and aluminum foil gold and silver cardboard hard packs. These high-gloss surface composite or coating materials have a metallic luster and a refracting surface. After being printed with various colors of exquisite designs, they give people the feeling of high-end elegance, which can greatly increase the value-added space of products, and are widely used in high-end color boxes. In addition to four-color printing, there are many spot colors and anti-counterfeiting technologies. This is particularly important for high-tech products where the IT industry is hit by many counterfeit products. Therefore, we need our suppliers to have a few special processes for special printing.

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