What kind of laser film material is best for cigarette printing?

In China, one of the top grades of cigarettes is reflected in the packaging of cigarettes. This article intends to make an analysis of the current status of the domestic cigarette pack printing process, and do some research on its development trend.

At present, in the cigarette pack printing, the commonly used materials and processes are as follows: When low-grade cigarette packs are adjusted to mid-to-high grade, the printing papers are generally turned from ordinary fibers to non-absorbent composite papers. There are two types of composite paper for cigarette packaging: aluminum foil composite paper (aluminum foil combined with cardboard), bright film (laser film) composite paper (bright film, laser film and glass cardboard composite). When printing on laser card paper, UV ink is often used to increase the ink adhesion. The following are the issues to be noted in laser jam printing:

1. In the production process of laser film, due to static electricity, black dots and dirty spots will inevitably appear. In order to cover up these defects and reflect laser effects, it is usually necessary to add 20% when designing the printing process of cigarette packets. ~40% of white nets.

2. The laser film has 12 μm PET film and 23 μm BOPP film. In order to ensure the molding effect and the smoke speed, a 12 μm PET film is usually used.

3. In order to improve the gloss of cigarette packs, laser paperboards with aluminized layers outwards are often used, ie, laser paperboards with a combination of PET film and paper, but when the aluminized layer is facing outward, it is easily scratched. Need to pay attention.

4. To prevent burrs from forming during die-cutting, you can use a pattern peak knife. Because PET film and paper are not bonded together, delamination often occurs during die cutting. Therefore, before the official production, it is necessary to carry out a small batch of packages on the package machine. In order to ensure the viscose effect, the height of the viscose gluing line at the life should be 23.7mm, and the density of the viscose gluing line should be increased.

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