Which home feng shui helps your career rise


If the house is busy, it will be beneficial to the cause. Generally, you can put the unicorn at home, which can make the family move, and the unicorn is not only good for the money, but also the pressure of modern people and other reasons, infertility or late pregnancy. There are relatively many people, and the placement of Kirin can strengthen the fortune in this respect.


White crystal is good for health, transparent colorless or white crystal, white crystal energy, corresponding to the human body seven rounds (that is, the "top wheel" in the various parts of the human body, that is, the position of the top of the head, can be the disease of the body, black Gas, discharged from the soles of the feet, makes the mind clear and refreshed, and is very helpful to the cause and health. If it is placed on a desk or a book stand, it is necessary to place a large white crystal column, which can help improve.


Yellow has always been used to represent wealth, while in the West it is considered to be the dominant business and wealth. If yellow furniture accessories such as citrine or other yellow items are placed, it can bring strong wealth and make the business fly. Huang "Tengda.


The choice of bedroom, the bedroom in the north is good for freelancers, the bedroom in the northwest is good for management, the bedroom in the northeast is good for the service industry, the bedroom in the east is good for young people, the people in the southeast bedroom are easy to get outside help, south The bedroom is easy to get inspired, the southwest bedroom can reinforce one's patience, and the west bedroom is perfect for stress relief and sleep.

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