Wintek Spa system refurbishment and new models

Italy's Wintek Spa provides refurbishment upgrades to existing box-making machines, round-press die cutting machines, printing slotting machines and printing lines on the corrugated box market, optimizing the performance of these machines. Every refurbishment work can be done at the carton factory customer's site. Installation, commissioning, training and technical support are all done by the company's skilled engineers. The refurbished equipment was specially manufactured by the Italian company Wintek, including:

- Winlock type mold mounting system (currently applying for international patent): It is based on the use of existing molds to complete the rapid installation and disassembly of circular round molds. The die barrel can be installed on most round press die cutting machines. It has the advantages of fewer set-up times when switching orders, easier operator operation, and lower maintenance workload. Therefore, the carton plant has a large return on investment. shorten;

- Winair Vacuum Cardboard Conveying System: This type of conveying system used on the printing section can eradicate the use of the ejector ring and the cardboard guide. This system can be installed on the vast majority of box making machines currently on the market, round press die cutting machines, printing slots and printing units of stand-alone printing presses. The production features brought about include: less set-up time when order switching, faster and more accurate cardboard transport, even warped cardboard, higher image printing quality, higher color registration accuracy, and reduced area of ​​cardboard trimming. The operator's operation is simpler, so the return on investment of the carton plant is greatly reduced.

In addition to the refurbishment and upgrading of these machines, the company also offers the Series 66 circular press die cutting machines with machine sizes ranging from 15502000 mm to 15503300 mm. Based on the machines designed by the European carton plant, the market aims to meet the needs of mid- and high-end customers. This machine is the crystallization of the technology and manufacturing alliance between Wintek and Taiwan Long Sound Industries.

This model of die-cutting machine has a solid steel structure design and is equipped with a solar automatic company's extended O-type feeding system, and a vacuum suction cardboard conveying system is installed between the entire printing department. The machine adopts the bottom printing principle and is equipped with a double squeegee ink supply system. In addition, a vacuum suction cardboard conveying system is also installed between the printing section and the die cutting section. In order to ensure the accuracy of the carton die cutting, a variable-speed bottom roller anvil pad is used.

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