Yanjing Bank Launches CYK Precal ERP System

Recently, Mr. Auke van, the CEO of Prodist International of the Netherlands, and Mr. Zong Di, CEO of Hong Kong Yanjing Bank Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation agreement on the promotion of CYK Precal ERP system software in the Chinese market. The two companies will exhibit the system at the All-In Print Show held from June 14th to 17th and will also hold product launches during the same period to demonstrate and explain the various functions of the system for customers.

The CYK Precal ERP system, an innovative software jointly launched by Zhongtian Digital Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yanjing Bank Co., Ltd. and Prodist International, integrates most of the functions of the enterprise resource planning system (ERP) and the information management system (MIS). The software is designed based on the needs of printing companies. It is widely welcomed and universally accepted by the printing industry. The system has more than 500 users in the Netherlands. Responsible for system development After establishing a partnership with Zhongtian Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Prodist International has conducted in-depth research and fully absorbed the management expertise of leading companies in the domestic printing industry. Based on the needs of customers, the system has been improved and Chinese-made, making the system more applicable to Chinese printing company.

Mr. Zongdi said that the cooperation with Prodist is an international cooperation. The CYK Precal ERP system is the vanguard of China's printing “Going Global” and it will create a precedent for Chinese printing companies to go international.

Five Features of CYK Precal ERP System

· Integrate advanced management concepts

The system integrates internationally advanced management concepts and fully captures the management experience of leading companies in the printing industry. While helping companies to improve their management efficiency, they also maximize profits and create competitive advantages.

Friendly interface, quick and easy implementation

The user interface of the system is similar to the interface of the familiar Microsoft Office software. Many buttons have the same functionality, users are easy to accept and familiar, training is simple, the system has no special requirements for the computer hardware and software configuration, and the implementation cost is low.

· Highly intelligent job processing

Intelligent job processing is implemented, and the system can guide customers to complete all job processing according to the rules. The definition of job wizard rules must be consistent with the user's work practices. Users in this system can define major categories according to their own work practices.

· Modular structure, strong expansion

The system adopts an advanced and flexible modular structure, so the user can choose according to their own needs, and flexibly form the ERP system required by the enterprise. The system has strong scalability and is convenient for the secondary development of the specific enterprise and project operations.

· Various solutions for different types of printing services

The system can be configured for the specific type of business of the printing company, the size of the enterprise to configure the appropriate solutions, including: offset printing, rotary printing, flexo printing, silk screen, packaging and printing, digital printing and other printing companies and prepress companies, advertising companies, publishing houses. And other printing related companies.

About Prodist International
Prodist International is a Dutch software company. Since 1993, it has developed software. With the CYK Precal ERP system, Prodist has become a market leader for Dutch and Belgian companies. As a high-tech company, Prodist has been trying Based on technology, we are constantly seeking new ways of application. A few days ago, its products began to enter the international market.

About Yan Jinghang Co., Ltd. and its affiliates Zhongtian Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Yan Jingxing was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. In the past two decades, Yanjing Bank has long been committed to the introduction of foreign advanced printing technology and equipment, and promote the application and development of high technology in China. It is one of the major suppliers of high-tech printing solutions in the world.

Hong Kong Zhongtian Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is an affiliate of Yanjinghang Company. It is a high-tech investment service company. Its purpose is to assist China-Hong Kong SMEs to become fully informatized and integrate with the global economy. The main business is to establish the Internet and e-commerce projects in China and Hong Kong, provide information system integration and ERP project management and consulting services.

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